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About Us

Cherry Press:

Cherry Press is a printmaking and arts workshop, located in scenic Rutland, Massachusetts.  We provide an attractive, peaceful setting for artists new to and experienced in printmaking to develop their work in.  We offer classes, studio use, residencies, collaborative and contract printing opportunities and offsite printmaking workshops.  Our focus is to preserve and further the art of traditional lithography, while embracing new, safer and less toxic techniques.  We also have facilities for relief, engraving, embossing, collagraph and monotype printmaking.  We will be set up for etching and photo-related processes in the future. 


We have a 33.5 x 60" Takach Litho Press, a 26 x 48" Wright Combination Press, a 10 x 16" portable press, a library of 35 cream and grey lithographic lime stones ranging from 10.5 x 11.5" to 21.5 x 30", a 30 x 40" plate backer, drying racks, a hydraulic lift cart, leather and composition rollers, a graining sink, levigators, a hot plate, portable exposure unit for positive-working photo processes, paper table with tear bar and traditional and bio-based, bio-degradable chemicals and solvents for processing, including Posi-Coat (bio-degradable, non-toxic, high-definition positive-working photo emulsion for lithographic plates and a photo resist for etching plates).  Paper and supplies (litho crayons, plates, etc.) are on hand for sale.

Stone & Century Plate Graining Service:

Choose your stone or your Century Plate size and have it ready to draw on, without getting gritty!  Prices vary depending on stone/plate size.


Cherry Press was founded by artist and teacher Corinne Rhodes.  Corinne studied at the Museum School and Tufts University in Boston, the University of New Mexico and trained as a professional fine art printer at Tamarind Institute. Corinne teaches traditional and new, non-toxic lithography and other printmaking techniques at Cherry Press and elsewhere. Prior to opening Cherry Press, Corinne worked at several printmaking workshops including: Robert Blackburn’s Printmaking Workshop and the Lower Eastside Printshop in New York City, The West Yorkshire Print Workshop in Mirfield, UK (a non-toxic shop) and at the School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  She worked in these shops in various capacities, including as an artist-member/resident, monitor and provider of technical assistance, collaborative/contract printer for artists, outreach coordinator and teacher.  She has exhibited her artwork across the U.S. and in Canada, Mexico and the U.K.  Corinne is a recipient of ArtsWorcester’s Material Needs grant program, the British Arts Council’s Professional Development Grant Scheme, Brigit Skiold Memorial Trust and the Lower East Side Printshop’s Key Holder Residency Program.


                                                          Photo: Valgerdur Hauksdottir